Video Testimonials: Five things you might not know…

Video testimonials are a powerful tool that can help you close more deals and boost your conversion rate. They’re becoming an increasingly popular, but here are five things you might not know about video testimonials. 

  1. People are more likely to believe video testimonials than written testimonials
  2. Video testimonials are more memorable than written testimonials
  3. Video testimonials are more shareable than written testimonials
  4. They will increase your websites conversion rate
  5. They offer a clear competitive advantage

Let’s dive into each of these in some more detail!

Video is more believable than text

Video testimonials are more likely to be believed than text reviews because they are more personal. The person giving the testimonial is right there, looking at the camera and speaking directly to the viewer. This makes it feel more like a conversation than a commercial. 

Due to the rise of testimonial farms, customers are increasingly of the belief that text based testimonials are paid advertisements. This means that the written testimonials are more likely to be viewed as biased and less like to be trusted. Sad, but true. 

Video is more memorable than text 

Over millions of years humans have evolved to understand facial expressions, tone of voice and emotion being conveyed by other humans. What this means is that the more personal a testimonial is, the more likely it is to be remembered. 

Any easy way to make testimonials more personal is by making them videos. This is because the viewer can see the person’s face and hear their voice. They can also see the person’s facial expressions and body language, all of which are cues we have been programmed to understand and interpret.

Finally, video testimonials are up to 5 times more likely to be seen and shared than written reviews, giving them more reach and more impact.

Video is more shareable than written testimonials 

Video is the preferred medium of todays social media because it is more engaging and shareable than other forms of content. A big part of this is because it’s much more likely to be seen by users than other forms of content, making it more valuable.

This has resulted in the explosion of video apps like TikTok which require video in order for companies to use them. When using sites like TikTok, text based testimonials just won’t cut the mustard. 

For more on how to make five pieces of content out of one video testimonial, check out this post.

They will increase your website’s conversion rate

Video testimonials can be used to increase your website’s conversion rate by providing potential customers with positive reviews from existing customers. 

There is a lot of research that has been done on why testimonials are effective at increasing conversion rates. Some of the research says that testimonials are effective because they help to show the potential customer that other people who are similar to them use the product. Other research says that testimonials are effective because they help to show the potential customer that the product or service is popular and that other people have had success with it, increasing social proof. What these both add up to is building trust and confidence in your products or services, leading to increased conversions on your website and an increase in sales.

They offer a very clear competitive advantage

Despite their amazing effectiveness, most companies are yet to adopt video testimonials. This creates an opportunity for companies that adopt video testimonials a chance to stand out from the crowd. 

To close out, when using video testimonials keep in mind that they should be short, to the point, and real. Customers should be able to relate to the person in the video and see that they are just like them. 

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