A guide to becoming “customer centric”

Everyday there are new articles talking about the benefits of being ‘customer centric’ in how you run and operate your business. But what does being customer centric actually mean? Why is it important? And finally, what are some ways you can start to implement it?

Let’s take a look 👀

What does it mean to be ‘customer centric’? 

A customer centric approach means making the customer the focus of everything that a company does. This means understanding what customers want and need, and then designing products, services, and experiences that meet those needs. It also means constantly collecting feedback from customers and using it to improve the customer experience.

Why is it important? 

There are a few reasons why being customer centric is important. 

  1. The first reason is that it’s good for business. When you make the customer the focus of your business, you’re more likely to retain customers and attract new ones. Satisfied customers are loyal customers, and loyal customers are good for business. 
  1. The second reason is that it’s good for employees. Employees who feel like they are valued and that their work is important are more likely to be engaged and productive. When you make the customer the focus of your business, you’re making your employees feel valued. T
  1. The third reason is that it’s good for the community. When you’re customer centric, you’re more likely to give back to the community. You’re also more likely to be a responsible business, which is good for the community. 

What can you do to become customer centric? 

One way that businesses can adopt a customer centric approach is by using customer testimonials and reviews. 

Customer testimonials are a great way to understand what customers think about your products or services and how they are using them. They can also be used to improve the customer experience by showing how your products or services are making a difference in people’s lives. 

Let’s get into how reviews help your business become more customer centric in some more detail.

8 ways reviews help your business become more customer centric

  1. It helps you define what your customers want and need and then makes it easier to give to them. 
  2. It puts you in your customers’ shoes – makes it easier to see things from their perspective. 
  3. It build customer relationships and empathy – by putting a real person behind your customer you can get to know them and their individual needs. 
  4. It helps you anticipate your customers’ needs – and be there before they even know they need you. 
  5. It’s a way to constantly communicate with your customers – keep them updated and informed and make them feel like their opinions are valuable and you care about their experience.

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