5 Elements Of High Quality Testimonials & Reviews

With an increase in affordability and access to video reviews through tools like Re-View, there has been a boom in the number of testimonials out there. Which means it’s more important than ever that reviews and testimonials are of the highest possible quality to cut through the noise. But what does high quality actually mean for a customer review or testimonial? Let’s take a moment to break it down into its parts and detail 5 Elements Of High Quality Testimonials & Reviews.

Here are the five key elements of a high quality customer testimonial and review. 

1. The video and audio is high quality. 

This means the user has a good camera with good lighting and the audio is clear.

2. The review is authentic.

This means that it should be honest and not scripted. Or at least not appear scripted!

3. The review is concise. 

This means that it should be under two minutes. After two minutes, potential customers begin to tune out! 

4. The review is focused. 

This means that it should be about one specific product, brand or experience. Blending two products or brands is confusing! 

5. The review is persuasive.

This means that it should make a strong case for why the product or brand is good and avoid terminology like ‘It’s ok!’ or phrases like ‘i’m not sure’. 

High quality customer testimonials and reviews will make your company appear competent, trustworthy and show that your company is providing its customers with a high level of satisfaction. But only if the customer testimonials are high quality too! 

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