Video Surveys Made Insightful With AI.

Collect genuine video feedback effortlessly. Then dive into the insights, generated by our smart, time-saving AI.

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AI-enhanced video feedback

A Scalable Solution

Endless Possibilities

Video surveys let youΒ collect survey responses in an engaging, interactive, and personal way. Get all the information you need, including non-verbal cues, without you having to be there.Β 


Dive deep into user behavior, validate hypotheses and elevate your design process with engaging and actionable video insights. Share the best video responses with your team to drive impact.

Sales & Marketing

Collect information from inbound leads and understand your potential customers before you meet them. Gather contact info and a deep understanding with ease, and increase your conversion rate.


Spot top candidates, share standout responses with managers, and ensure alignment with business needs. Let candidates complete screenings at their convenience to expand your applicant pool.

Management Check-Ins

Make better decisions and drive meaningful change by understanding your people. Cost efficient and deep research, in one. Maximize your team’s engagement, performance, and retention.

Save Time With Async Surveys

Embrace efficiency without losing the human connection. With async video surveys, you’ll save time while still connecting with people on a meaningful level.Β 

Video questionnaires powered by AI
Gather engaging video responses

Get Deeper Insights

Understand your participants like never before with video. Allow your participants to show you what they mean, while participating in a simple and engaging survey experience.Β 

Speedy Reports With AI

Our AI-powered analysis will help turbocharge your insights, delivering actionable take-aways and stake-holder ready research reports in minutes. In depth analysis and speed, in one.Β 

Video surveys made insightful with AI

Sarah Zhu

UX Researcher at WorkKit

Re-View has become an indispensable tool in my toolkit. The ease of collecting video feedback and the secure sharing options have transformed the way we conduct and share research internally. The AI also saves me so much time. Re-View is a game-changer!


Kyle Loftus

Founder at Cookhill Studios

With Re-View, it feels like we're having face-to-face chats with our early users. This closeness lets us tweak our product almost in real-time, making sure it's a hit with our audience.
Now, when I have a new idea, Re-View's my first call.


Renesmee Dudek

Product Manager at Orange Spree

Collecting video adds a whole new level of depth and understanding to our research. So much better than a normal survey. Plus, because it runs in the background it means research doesn't take up all my time anymore. Highly recommend it!


Curious What Participants See?

Use the button below to answer research questions, just like ones you would send to participants. Works on any device, with no downloads needed.Β 

AI-enhanced video feedback


Video Surveys Made Insightful With AI.Β 

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