Social Proof: Everything You Need To Know

What is social proof, why does it matter, and importantly, how can we get it?

Let’s dive in! 🤿

What’s the definition of social proof? 

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people conform to the actions of others in order to feel like they fit in or because they believe that other people know better than they do. At the end of the day humans are social animals, and we like feeling like we belong.

Why is social proof helpful? 

Social proof is helpful because it can serve as a form of validation for someone’s actions. If other people are doing the same thing, it must be okay, right? Basically, it’s helpful in terms of providing reassurance – if other people have had a positive experience with something, it’s more likely that I will too.

Some of the more savvy businesses are now using this psychological phenomenon by displaying customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings on their website or in their store. By showing potential customers that other people have had a positive experience with the business, this works to convince others to try the business themselves.

Types of social proof

1. Customer reviews and testimonials 

The best way to collect social proof is through customer reviews and testimonials. You can ask your customers to write a review or testimonial for your product or service, and then post it on your website or social media page. Re-View makes this easy for you!

2. Case studies 

You can create a case study that showcases how your product or service has helped a customer solve a problem or improve their business. This is great, and more subtle than other methods which means it feels less salesy.

3. Social media engagement 

Social media engagement is also a great way to collect and share testimonials and reviews from happy customers. You can post testimonials or reviews from customers on your social media pages, and you can also post photos and videos of customers using your product or service.

4. User generated content 

You can ask your customers to submit photos or videos of them using your product or service, and then post it on your website or social media page. Typically, the more candid the better. People like seeing authentic uses of a product that doesn’t look too polished.

5. Press and media mentions 

If you are lucky enough to have press and media mentions, you can post articles or videos from the press or media that mention your product or service on your website or social media page.

If you’d like to get started collecting your own social proof, Re-View is the simplest and most affordable solution for collecting video testimonials from customers.