How Remote Managers Can Build Empathy With Their Team

Are you a remote manager looking to build empathy with your team? We hear you. It can be incredibly tough to get real, authentic feedback from your team about how they’re doing and where they would benefit from your assistance. In turn, this makes it super tough to understand where your colleagues are coming from, which can result in all kinds of unfortunate miscommunications.

First things first, it’s important to understand the role that feedback plays in the development of your team. Regular, timely feedback from your team about their performance, worries and wins can help you understand your team members strengths and weaknesses, their goals, and help them grow in their careers. It can also improve team morale and overall performance if you are seen and thought of as a manager is interesting in their wellbeing.

But understanding the subtle nuance of feedback from your team can be tough, especially when you’re not in the same physical location as they are. Text alone is a terrible method for collecting feedback; not only is meaning often misunderstood, but it’s almost impossible to accurately convey emotion and tone of voice. That’s where Re-View comes in.

Re-View is remote manager check-in tool that makes it easy for remote managers to get feedback and updates from their team members. With Re-View, you can set questions for your team, review their video responses and track their progress over time, all in one place. Not only is it efficient, but it will enable you to build empathy with your team.

Lets break it down a little bit more, and go into some more detail:

Use Re-Views one-on-one templates: Not sure what questions to ask? No problem! Re-View offers a variety of manager check-in templates to help guide your conversations.

Track progress and provide regular feedback: Within the Re-View platform, you can see employees check-ins over time, in real-time. This means you can provide regular feedback on their performance, see where they’ve come from easily and help them stay on track to smash their targets. 

Scalable: If you’re low on time, it’s easy to send one link out to all your employees and get answers to the questions that matter most to you. This helps employees understand exactly what you want to know from them, and gives everyone an easy way to respond via video.

Time zone and location agnostic: And the best part? Re-View makes it easy for you to view responses to your one on one whenever it’s convenient for you, whether you’re in the office or on the go.

So there you have it – a few key ways that Re-View can help you get better feedback as a remote manager. Whether you’re just starting out with Re-View or are a seasoned pro, these tips should help you improve your team’s performance and development. 

Happy feedback-collecting!