Are all customer testimonials positive? 

Customer testimonials provide potential customers with insight into how well the product or service works. This is a great way for potential customer to increase their confidence before they buy – but only if the testimonial is positive.  

While not all testimonials are positive, most are. Let’s take a look at why!

Statistically, customer testimonials skew positive. 

A statistical analysis across the web reveals that customer testimonials skew positive overall. 

What this implies is that people who write testimonials are more likely to be satisfied with the product than those who are unsatisfied. As a business owner, this is good news!

People subconsciously exaggerate the positives to appear friendly and kind. 

A study by notable psychologists reveal that people subconsciously exaggerate the positives in order to sound more convincing and please the people that have requested the testimonial.  An investigation into why people do this revealed that the people who write testimonials want to be perceived as being helpful and kind. Which is nice!

There are deterrents to giving negative testimonials

Some people believe that they are unlikely to get their issue resolved if they have given a negative review. 

From others, we have heard that negative reviews are a way to incite action from brands or companies that have performed poorly, but in many instances people are willing to remove negative reviews after the issue has been resolved. 

Even negative customer testimonials can help.

Sometimes, negative reviews and testimonials do make it through. Whilst this is not ideal, there are two benefits of negative testimonials: 

  1. A sprinkling of negative feedback makes the positive reviews feel more genuine and less curated. 
  2. The negative testimonial provides an opportunity for you to review what went wrong and work to make it better.

Overall, customer testimonials are an incredibly useful tool for businesses looking to grow their reputation and sales. They can be helpful in persuading a potential buyer to make a purchasing decision, particularly if they are undecided or have reservations. Plus they are statistically likely to say fantastic things about your business! And who doesn’t want to hear nice things? 

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